The Growing Histories project was created to learn more about small-scale food production in the city. We wanted to know how popular home vegetable gardening is, what types of fruit and vegetables people grow, and how they benefit from growing their own food. We believe that fruit and vegetable gardening enriches people’s lives in many ways and we want to encourage Birmingham residents to grow their own food and to give people more opportunities to grow food together and learn from each other.

Whether they had a huge garden or just a few plants in a window box, we asked gardeners to talk about why they grow food, about their memories of gardening and the importance of growing food in their lives.

Download the pdf book which brings together some of their stories and reflections on growing food in the city. We hope that their stories will be an inspiration to others and will help us all to live healthier and happier lives.

The Growing Histories Project was made possible by the kind support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund.