Ashiana’s `Women In Transition’ programme, funded by the Big Lottery’s `Reaching Communities’ Fund was designed to help change the lives of local women through the engagement of activities. We mentored women to raise their confidence, to build self-belief and worked with them to overcome personal barriers. The goal was to lead women into positive progression, growth and personal achievement in all aspects of their life.

By giving women - for whom duty to family comes first - their only opportunity to engage with, and talk to others about their challenges and anxieties, prompted some unexpected outcomes too. For example, in the communities supported by Ashiana it is often the women that ‘manage’ the issues of poverty. This was highlighted by the number of women participating in our fuel poverty programme.

The 3-year programme  offered a range of activities in which women could participate and even lead, including exercise classes, art groups and more relaxed social groups.

There is no doubt that women on the project progressed from non-participation, to learning, to converting advice and guidance into action, and in some cases volunteering, getting involved in training and moving on to employment.

Successes: Women Wellbeing Hub

Upon completion of the project and the difference were was making  to women we were able to secure a further 5 year funding through Reaching Communities to run the Women Wellbeing Hub, which enables us to continue to change the lives of women every day. Find out more about what the Women Wellbeing Hub can offer to you by clicking here