Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the people, to improve their quality of life by working together in creating opportunities for the community, individuals and families to be the best they can possibly be. This will include creating a resourceful environment, built ·upon a partnership of the community, public and private sectors that enables growth in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that can be replicated and adapted where. necessary.

Our vision

  • Help people to access opportunities within our communities where we work and operate
  • Ensure good relations between service providers and our communities
  • Liaise with individuals through times of difficulty and be a part of their successes
  • Promote a common vision of working together to create a sense of belonging for everyone

What we do

  • Greater involvement of service users in the designing current and new
  • Establishing conversations and consultation with stakeholders and service users
  • Gather local knowledge and intelligence on the issues facing communities
  • Maintaining a clear and effective focus on meeting community
  • Maintaining a culture of continuous improvement in the delivery of all services including meeting quality assurance standards and kite-marks and responding to the particular needs of changing and evolving communities
  • Maintaining and developing a skilled and committed workforce
  • Achieving sustainability through securing a diversified range of funding opportunities to support existing services and to develop new ones
  • The ability to secure and deliver higher value contracts through partnership and consortium delivery
  • The ability to effectively market services and past achievements to both clients and service commissioners

Our values

  • Supporting Community Aspiration - Every  project will enshrine the principles  of the  charity  and align thematic areas of our work by ensuring beneficiaries receive the most appropriate level of service to empower them to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Reduce inequality by recognising diversity and celebrating difference Improve equality , dignity and respect within our local communities
  • Support those in disadvantage to become independent and in control of their life choices
  • Empower individuals and their families to achieve their potential