Life Coaching for Male Victim of Domestic Violence

X is male and a victim of domestic violence.   X came to UK on a marriage visa and was in an abusive marriage for two years and fled and moved to the Midlands. X had attempted suicide (under the care of GP) and has a mental health counsellor. Lives sometimes at his brothers or friends to whom he pays rent. Has a non- molestation order against his wife. X also works four days per week and is trying to rebuild his life, despite his wife still making threats against him. X’s visa runs out in 3 weeks but he has made an application through his solicitor for residency.

X has used the life coaching service to move forward in making positive changes in his life. By working with the Life coach, he has managed to set some short-term goals that are manageable and to embed strategies into his life to support his mental and emotional health. X started to use journaling as a way to write down his emotions and work on building his confidence by acknowledging his thoughts and feelings and working through the difficulties by addressing them as oppose to repressing them or dwelling on them. X started to look after his mental health by using guided meditations to help him sleep better at night, this over time made a huge impact on his wellbeing and state of mind.

By working with the life coach X was able to really clarify his goals and work through his setbacks and started to be in a better frame of mind and make positive steps to securing his visa. X has found ways through life coaching to support his wellbeing and move forward in finding a sense of security and balance in his life.