In the last year 2019 - 2020 we achieved the following:

  • Supported 13127 clients and signed up 527 new clients
  • Registered 75 New Carers
  • Increased awareness of service provided by ACP through a variety of campaigning methods.
  • Supported 50 volunteers
  • Upskill existing volunteers as trainee advisors / and into further employment and placement
  • Supported 75 clients and volunteers with training
  • Supported 90 clients into employment.
  • All advice staff members (15) received training

We deal with complex advice cases, read Client X story:

Claimant had made a claim for tax credits which had not been processed by the HMRC Tax credits

Client X was subjected to a long drawn out application process because he was of European Citizenship. The process normally takes 8 months for European Claimants furthermore added to the complication HMRC was going through the transition of Tax Credits to Universal Credits and many claimants cases were getting closed and lost in the process.

Client X needed help with making an appeal and the following actions were put in place:

Our advisor contacted the HMRC via to determine the present status, it was identified that the claim had been closed without any further investigations. The client retained all information of previous correspondence, of which was presented to HMRC through a letter to re-instate and back date all owing payments to client.

The appeal was successful and as a result his claim was reinstated. The client was grateful as he was able to pay back debts accrued before this period and a regular income which prevented him from running into further debt.