Diversity in politics

2018 was a big year for democracy, equality and an opening towards wider representation for minority groups. 2018 celebrates the centenary year of British women gaining the right to vote and campaigning for a fairer society. Inspired by the Suffragettes, we have produced a documentary to commemorate figures such as Sophia Duleep Singh and their legacy of female empowerment; giving courage to under-represented groups such as BAME, LGBT and people with disabilities, to stand up for what they believe in, highlight their continuing struggles and explore what work needs to be done to make the world a fairer place.

Funded by the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant and run by Ashiana Community Project, the project is called Empowering Women Brum. The documentary presents stories from women in Birmingham, both past and present, that are involved in politics, activism or academia related to women’s rights.

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The project supported young volunteers to create opportunities for disengaged women to get involved in politics, as well as educating them on how politics shapes their lives and examples of active feminism both in the past and today.

Sessions to support activism and change to promote diversity

Film making sessions

30 learning and skills-based sessions and discussion groups on Film making, Research and Archiving were held for women between 16 - 30 years from Hall Green constituency.

research and archiving at Birmingham Library

We discussed and documented the role of the suffragettes in the fight for gender equality, as well as the role of current female politicians and activists and run organised visits to sites of interest related to the political history of women in the city, which included a free History Women's Tour to Coffin Works which was owned by the prominent female figure Joyce Green, and provided an insight in to the Working Rights of Women.

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Featured in the documentary included Brigdet Jones and many other prominent women in Birmingham that are making an impact in improving diversity and wider representation for women