Our Cleaner Sparkbrook campaign has made a huge impact across Sparkbrook in reducing litter, creating awareness of the litter problem in Sparkbrook and getting local residents involved. Through the support of ACP this has taken shape through a pro-active steering group, who lead on all actions relating to reducing litter and  how these activities will be run. 

Activities were incentivised by providing residents rewards for their commitment and recognition for their hard work. Birmingham City Council have also been involved by providing equipment and resources to support the residents. The local Councillor Shabrana Hussain has been involved in all aspects of the project to ensure that residents were aware of their rights and supporting them in reporting cases of fly tipping.

Local clean ups / litter picks had been become regular from monthly to weekly on Thursdays, this was co-ordinated and lead by local residents. Over the weeks they have collected bags of litter which was picked up by refuse collection

Reducing isolation

The project gave opportunity for people experiencing isolation to meet new people and get involved in a wide range of activities. These were through the wider activities funded by the Big Lottery and Aging Better.  We have had up to 20 regular people coming and this also gave them the opportunity to discuss further development for Sparkbrook. We have also built networks with the Princes Trust involving young people to build a peace garden to help reduce isolation of those over 50.


For more information or would like to get involved in the local clean-ups get in contact with Shabrana Hussain on 0121 687 6767