What is a carer?

You are a carer if you look after a family member, a friend or neighbour. You could be helping them by cooking food, helping with the household tasks, or providing help with personal care.

You’re a carer if you look after a parent or your younger brother or sister because your parents work or are sick and need extra help.

We can help you find out about benefits, practical help, see if you can get funding for a professional carer to sit with the person you care for, for a couple of hours a week to give you some personal space.

In partnership with the East Birmingham Collective and Forward-Carers we can provide:

  • Staff to assess your needs
  • Advice, Information and Signposting
  • Benefits Advice
  • Support Café for Carers
  • Support Café for Carers
  • Advice for Young Carers becoming Adult Carers
  • Training
  • Access to Volunteering Opportunities
  • Carers Emergency Response Service
  • Short Breaks for Disabled Children
  • Short Breaks for Carers

You can get free support & advice.

Come and see us and let us see what help and support we can offer you. We can get you signed up to the Forward-Carers register so you can get up to date news of training, support and events.

Come to the next Support Café and meet people like you who are caring for loved ones or friends, find mutual support and the opportunity to just have some time to chat and get to know people. To find out more contact Shakeel on 0121 687 6767