How we support our over 50's community in Sparkbrook to help reduce isolation

In partnership with Aging Better and Muath Trust we run a Green and open Spaces project to reduce isolation for the over 50’s community in Sparkbrook. We run a range of out-door activities to keep them active and connected these include:

  • Walking groups and other open air exercise activities using local parks and canals such as wildlife, bird spotting, foraging and local history groups

  • Outdoor sports for older people e.g. walking football / cricket, Tai Chi

  • Developing green spaces to provide opportunities for meaningful work, light exercise and sociability for older residents e.g. community gardens, outdoor cultural, crafts and arts activities

  • We also support an established over 50s group to become informally constituted and take charge of small community growing spaces which are being created by ACP’s ongoing environmental improvement programme

  • We support the creation of an over 50s Outdoor Tai Chi group using a venue close to Farm Park when it rains, e.g. Christ Church or the Health Centre, and holding the class outside in good weather, i.e. either in Farm Park or in the community garden which has a large paved area

If you think someone you know would like to get involved please contact Alan Davies on 0121 687 6767