The ACP Type Diabetes Health and Wellbeing Support Programme 

ACP Diabetes Programme provides healthy nutritional options to manage your Diabetes, our approach uses health and wellbeing interventions to prevent and reduce common lifestyle conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes through holistic and preventative activities improving their knowledge in wellbeing.

Our Solution

Since 2018, ACP has delivered a personalised cultural sensitive holistic health and wellbeing small group support programmes for those with or at risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Programmes are run face to face or on-line 6 days a week, daytime or evening. Where possible we prefer to embed our services within a GP Practice and have well worked protocols to support this partnership working.

We have a multi-lingual team of specialised and experienced trainers, health coaches and welfare and employment advisors. They work closely together to support clients towards their  health goals and wider aspirations and aid doctors meet their clinical targets.

The Challenge

Evidence from a wide spectrum of agencies studies and research clearly place BAME communities are less likely to access support measures to reduce Diabetes.

The South Asian communities have much higher rates of Type 2 Diabetes and pre Type 2 Diabetes amongst Adults and now evident in young people.  Early evidence from COVID-19 cases identifies diabetes as an underlying factor and leads to a higher death rate from COVID-19. 


Our staff are from the communities we serve and so understand the particular barriers BAME families and communities face around knowledge of and access to health and wellbeing support and other public services. For older community members digital inclusion is an issue that our multilingual team can help with.


As our approach is both holistic and personalised we often find that clients experience multiple health and wellbeing benefits whilst on our programmes. Changes around weight loss, improved energy levels and sleep, reduction in blood sugar and cholesterol and general improvement in mood ae often picked in the first 8 weeks.

‘This health and wellbeing  support programme for those with Type 2 Diabetes fills an important gap in current Primary Care provision. As a practising GP working with many BAME patients it has been an ongoing  challenge to get many patients to take up existing support provision. Not only has this programme largely  solved that problem but  it has also delivered clinical results over a 5 month period that way exceeded my initial expectations. As this patient  group is particularly at risk of  serious health  problems from COVID 19 it is important that the transformative power of this approach is utilised to the full.’

Dr I. Haider  


Our method is simple but effective . It begins by listening to the client and understanding their aspirations and fears. We combine the benefits of group coaching with personal action planning  delivered by  knowledgeable staff  who work at the pace of each client. The principles of health and wellbeing are not complicated so we make everything as straight forward as possible but also provide additional learning resources for those who want them.

We focus on four key areas:

  • Nutrition:
  • Fitness and Leisure:
  • Motivation and Mindfulness
  • Lifestyle in Balance:

Our core programme is one session a week  over around 3 months with scope for out of normal  working hours delivery so working people can access the provision. This is followed by individual and small group mentoring for another 3 months in order to consolidate learning and embed key lifestyle changes. 


‘This holistic programme has helped me piece things together. Without you I would not get the results that I have achieved. Absolutely understand now the importance of diet to manage Diabetes . I am the living proof.’

‘I asked my GP to put me in a group. Nothing was available and then got a call about this programme, joined the programme and did not know what to expect but turned out to be very good. So far lost 4kg and feeling good.’

‘This programme helped me take responsibility for my own health and wellbeing – a define yes. Cutting down on potatoes and chapati. Now doing exercise again  - first time since lock down’

Track record / About us

ACP has been working to raise the quality of life of BAME inner-city communities since 1990. During that time we have run employment and training programmes, youth and family programmes, ESOL classes, environmental projects, provided support to carers and victims of domestic violence. Over the last three years ACP has set up a  successful Women’s Wellbeing Hub, designed and piloted a Type 2 Diabetes Health and Wellbeing Support Programme that has then successfully run face to face and on-line within a Primary Care setting. 

The programme gives really practical and easy to follow advice on:

  • the benefits of eating a balanced and highly nutritional diet
  • reducing type 2 diabetes through a controlled diet and regular exercise
  • tips and support to keep you committed in adopting these changes long term

If you think you can benefit from the programme and would like more information or enrolled on to our next session, please contact Shabana on the details below.

If you are a GP and would like more information on how your surgery can get involved please contact Shabana 07941364718 or Hamid on 07765027166, alternatively fill in the form in the refer to us section of the website.