ACP Diabetes Programme provides healthy nutritional options to manage your Diabetes, the six week programme is also beneficial for those at high risk of Diabetes.

Once you are enrolled on the programme, in a small group our nutritionist will provide you advice on a tailored diet that meets your specific needs by replacing healthier options which are easy for you to adopt. The support is followed up by a motivational coach to encourage you to adopt these positive changes long - term.

The programme is endorsed by our local GP practice based in Erdington, and upon trials their patients have received positive results.

The programme gives really practical and easy to follow advice on:

  • the benefits of eating a balanced and highly nutritional diet
  • reducing type 2 diabetes through a controlled diet and regular exercise
  • tips and support to keep you committed in adopting these changes long term

If you think you can benefit from the programme and would like more information or enrolled on to our next session, please contact Shakila on the details below.

If you are a GP and would like more information on how your surgery can get involved please contact Hamid on 07765027166, alternatively fill in the form in the refer to us section of the website.