We believe human connections are one of the foundations of building healthier environments for people to thrive. We work with communities to have greater self - awareness on what they can achieve under all circumstances particularly where resources are strained.

Our mission is to enable the people, to improve their quality of life by working together in creating opportunities for the community, individuals and families to be the best they can possibly be. This will include creating a resourceful environment, built ·upon a partnership of the community, public and private sectors that enables growth in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that can be replicated and adapted where necessary.


Sparkbrook is one of the most economically deprived in the UK with a high percentage of BAME families principally originating from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and the Horn of Africa. Stifled with poor housing conditions with significant levels of overcrowding and high rates of poverty and unemployment; it is one of the wards with the highest youth population that suffers child poverty.

ACP Group work with the community to bridge those gaps of inequality. We listen, learn and work collaboratively with our community to ensure everyone understands the part they play in helping to build resilience, opportunity and personal growth. We provide greater access to resources, knowledge, support and expertise to help communicate the complexities that life brings, especially when people experience isolation, lack of awareness and other barriers that prevent people to seek help or get connected to the wider world. 

ACP is a thriving hub, a family and a bridge that connects people to a journey that takes them to a greater path