Sheena and Narbada have both joined Ashiana as Volunteers and Peer Support

Both volunteers have received training and through our support now lead the arts and craft sessions. The project has helped them build their confidence and provide opportunities for peer support and teaching others as well as learning themselves. They would like to see more professionals help women deal with anxiety and depression, and create awareness on the issues. They have worked with National Trust, Ort Gallery and The MAC.

The project has stopped me feeling like a failure and I appreciate myself and I am confident in dealing with life. I visit other places and try new things as I now travel with confidence on buses. It’s therapeutic talking to other women and I am better informed to get help. I want to help other women to get out and encourage them to do things rather than sit at home. The activities distract them from their problems and help them focus on positive thinking which has helped me overcome depression. Better understanding of anxiety and depression helps relieve symptoms and more support in this area needs to be given for our women”.