Snap shot of impact made to clients on our Women In Transition Project

  • 90% of participants felt Ashiana had made a positive impact upon their lives and felt better, mentally and physically.
  • Through training and participation, the women have been involved in events, presentations, sought employment and gained national qualifications.
  • 100% pass rate for 54 women who sat Accredited ESOL and non-accredited ESOL exams. (accredited by Trinity College).
  • Over 150 beneficiaries attended basic language speaking classes.
  • 35 women completed the Level 2 training course in IAG; and 16 progressed on to Level 3 IAG.
  • 32 women completed Level 3 Health and Social Care course.
  • Over 50 women attended Employment workshops. (Employability Workshops, Level 1).
  • 120 women secured employment in the duration of the funding.
  • Over 500 women attended trips. Ashiana supported women to travel on trains and buses. This is helpful in improving self-confidence and independence.
  • Through the project 95% of women stated that their confidence had improved considerably.                                                   

Unexpected outcomes from the Women In Transition project

Through the project, it was identified that Domestic Violence (DV) was affecting a large number of women. 147 women who engaged in the programme developed an increased awareness of domestic violence. All clients were of South Asian origin.

  • 74 of those have had a personal experience of Domestic Violence
  • 28 of those have been supported to safe housing
  • 18 referred to immigration specialist
  • 73 women have attended workshops

Successes: Women Wellbeing Hub

Upon completion of the project and the difference were was making  to women we were able to secure a further 5 year funding through Reaching Communities to run the Women Wellbeing Hub, which enables us to continue to change the lives of women every day. Find out more about what the Women Wellbeing Hub can offer to you by clicking here