Registered and attended “Diabetes Support Programme” which entailed:

Health & Wellbeing Assessment: complete to find out how healthy their lifestyle is and how to improve their health & wellbeing

Personal diet plan: With advice from a qualified Nutritionist, Healthy Cooking Classes and Healthy Shopping Activities

Personal fitness plan: Tailored Fitness Programme and trying out new activities

Health Education: Learned about healthy foods and how food can be used as a medicine

Motivation Support: Support from a Personal Mentor & Motivational Coach

During the completion of the 12-week Diabetes Support Programme, the client was motivated to join the cycling club at ACP and swimming at her local gym and lost weight.

The client has made the following changes:

Living a healthier lifestyle more aware of healthy diet and nutrition.

Better understanding of the health and wellbeing services available in the area.

Better control of blood glucose.

Understanding the importance of making changes to lifestyle that would benefit the rest of the family too, for example, encouraging children to take part in outdoor activities and move them away from a sedentary lifestyle in front of the TV.